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Quality Aluminum Extrusions

Dedicated to producing Quality Aluminum Extrusions

PSI Industries first obtain ISO registration in 1995, and is certified to ISO 9001:2015 today.

Our quality system incorporates state-of-the-art metrology to ensure that our customers' needs are met or exceeded.

At PSI, we stand firmly behind our quality.

We will do whatever it takes to satisfy your needs for quality and consistency, every time.

​PSI utilizes a software that allows us to customize our manufacturing and quality plan for each part number produced, which ​ensures product quality and repeatability for the life of the part.

Our quality labs have the highest inspection equipment to ensure accurate measurement. In-process and final inspection plans are electronically saved for traceability.

Our inspectors have been trained on all aspects of inspection instruments that we utilize. Our internal systems are designed for repeatability, and immediate corrective action if a problem is discovered.

Sampling plans are in place to ensure profiles meet the provided tolerances through out the run. Our extrusion dies are monitored before, during, and after each run.

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