Do you produce prototype and small qty jobs?

Yes. With our 2.4", 3.5" and 5.125" presses we don't require huge minimum poundage orders. Helping our customers get new products to market fast is something we take great pride in. Being Vertically Integrated helps us control our processes internally as well as speeds up the process.

Who own's the dies? What do they cost?

Die/Tooling or NRE Fees are prepaid. This fee allows the Customer exclusive rights to the use of the custom die. PSI Industries is responsible for all maintenance and storage of the Die/Tooling as long as the die is actively used. Profile changes will require for a new die to be purchased. Our typical die cost range is $650-$3000.00. Solid shapes are on the less expensive side while Hollow shapes are higher. Dies normally take 1-2.5 weeks to make. We do provide a 12" sample off each new die if requested prior the production order.

What Alloy's do you offer?

We offer 6063 and 6061 which are the most commonly used alloy's of the common 6000 series aluminum.

What are your lead times?

Here is the standard answer for us. We believe our service and quality is what puts us ahead of our competition. Die to be made 1-2.5 weeks. (first order) Mill finish Extrusions 2 weeks. Add 2 weeks for machining, and 2 weeks for finishing. So a turn-key part that is extruded machined and powder coated or anodized made from an existing die would take 6 weeks. We do have a FAST TRACK service which can speed things up when needed.

Do you have a quality system?

We received our original ISO registration with UL back in 1995. Today we are certified to ISO9000:2015 and use Perry Johnson as our registar. We use a Manufacturing Software that combines our manufacturing plan and quality plan in one system. This is controlled by part number so every plan is unique to that part number.